Suicide Silence: Heavy Lies the Crown

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Suicide Silence helped define a genre with their devastatingly heavy debut in 2007, and return again with unrelenting ambition to reclaim their place at the apex of extreme metal. Boasting an affinity for vicious breakdowns, the California-based quintet soars to heights few bands--metal or not--ever achieve. Now on their third studio album, with their highest-charting record to date (debuting at #28 on the Billboard 200), the band returns with maturity, maliciousness and a few all-star collaborations from Korn’s Jonathan Davis and Suffocation’s Frank Mullen. Suicide Silence wear their Black Crown with pride, even as their sound has become progressively more accessible.

"You Only Live Once" Suicide Silence

We caught up with frontman Mitch Lucker on the 3rd annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival to talk with him about his expansive brew of guttural growls and ripping riffage. Watch the clip to learn what drives his increasingly personal albums and fuels his ferociously energetic live performances. Don’t miss your chance to claim lead single “You Only Live Once” for your own. - Jen Guyre

"You Only Live Once" Suicide Silence


tarver said...

These guys kill it!

Anonymous said...

These guys make metal look bad.

melkor72 said...

Absolutely nothing unique to distinguish them from the legion of metalcore/deathcore bands out there. Breakdowns, fast drumming, well played but just nothing gripping. And man, those vocals...

Anonymous said...

Not bad. I agree, not much that sets them apart. But I can still rock it.

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