Gaby Moreno, “Mess a Good Thing”

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Make no mistake: oh-so thinly disguised as an expression of confidence in her lover's ability not to screw up, every inch of Gaby Moreno's swaggering, blues-licked single is a warning -- or more accurately, a threat. A low, predatory guitar line prowls the track's perimeter. Fiercely pointed brass bursts snap like a spanking. Even the tambourine shimmers menacingly. The versatile Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter (who can sing effortlessly in English, Spanish and a dizzying range of musical languages), snarls and soars throughout the track. Her voice offering up a gently smoky, salty-sweet taste of the desperate insanity love can bring on, Moreno vacillates between sauntering confidence, giddiness and (especially when the vintage-hued strings come in) fierce vulnerability. She is definitely not a threat to be taken lightly. -- Rachel Devitt

"Mess A Good Thing" Gaby Moreno


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