Giant Cloud

Blurry and brilliantly lo-fi, “Bright Lights” spins to life like a half-broken carousel ride, floating along on a glimmer of electric piano and ringing guitar. It makes an appropriate introduction to Giant Cloud, a quintet that hails from Ruston, Louisiana, hometown to pioneering low-fi darlings Neutral Milk Hotel. As waves of the tune swell into a spacey climax, you’re not likely to understand many of the lyrics wrapped in the harmonized coo of co-vocalists Julie Odell and Benjamin Jones. But that hardly matters; the band’s most powerful statements come with the lustrous atmosphere they create. By the final fade, “Bright Lights” leaves a sun-dazed afterglow. -- Nate Cavalieri

"Bright Lights" Giant Cloud


Andrew said...

I love Giant Cloud. They kind of sound like a cross between Mumford and Sons and Regina Spektor, but they somehow manage to be completely their own at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they sound like mumford and sons at all and honestly, I consider that to be an insult to the beautiful music that Giant Cloud has created. Mumford is straight up stomp-your-feet folk. Giant Cloud's jams have a psychedelic feel to them. If anything, I'd compare Giant Cloud with Dr. Dog. They even shared the same label at one point in time. Julie Odell's voice is 10x prettier than Regina Spektor's. Sucks they aren't together anymore though.

One of the Clouds said...

You guys keep it alive no matter how much we don't play live anymore or sound like Mumford, Dr. Dog or a big pile of steaming crap. Thanks :)

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