Talib Kweli, "Mr. International (feat. Nigel Hall)"

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“Going places I’ve never been, I get my Rosetta in,” rhymes Talib Kweli on this ode to the pleasures of cross-continental travel. Producer S1 evokes the sensations of soaring high above the clouds with strings and Nigel Hall’s soulfully relaxed voice, while Kweli celebrates rocking shows in foreign locales, catching cabs to the airport after drunken revelries and taking first-class flights to the next date. Echoing Samuel Jackson’s famous line in Pulp Fiction, Kweli says, “We all going to be like a bunch of little Fonzis. What’s Fonzi? He’s cooool,” and persuades us to sit back and enjoy the trip. -- Mosi Reeves

"Mr. International (feat. Nigel Hall)" Talib Kweli


PaweĊ‚ said...

Best song. Great blog. :-)

estevan carlos benson said...

Great to hear that pulp fiction line.

SheldonD said...

Really like this but then again I love all of Kweli's music from Black Star till present.

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