JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, "75 Years of Art Sex"

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When JC Brooks opens up with his raspy, heavyhearted yowl he channels classic R&B icons without drifting into copycat nostalgia and finds the sweet spot that eludes so many other neo-soul prospectors. His talent is amplified via spare arrangements from backing band The Uptown Sound, whose raw electric guitar and bass thump deliver the tough-guy strut of Some Girls-era Rolling Stones. Even so, its Brooks’ gutsy delivery that stays at center stage, making “75 Years of Art Sex” a sultry introduction to Chicago’s rawest R&B upstarts.-- Nate Cavalieri

"75 Years of Art Sex" JC Brooks


T. A. Myers said...

This song reminds of the nights I spent in a smoky club listening to little known acts. I don't know if the song is that good or if I like it because of the memories it evokes. Regardless, I like it.

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