Captain Planet – “Get You Some”

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Maybe you’ve subliminally heard global electronica scion Charlie Bethel’s fiery Captain Planet productions on shows like Entourage or CSI:NY. We’re not entirely sure how Bethel’s percussion-heavy international-music-sampling rhythms soundtrack an extreme murder investigation but, needless to say, they’re funky enough to raise the dead. Like fellow Nuyorican soul purveyors Masters at Work or Wonderwheel’s Nickodemus, the Captain Planet sound is an energetic hodgepodge of Brazilian, Latin, Indian and African music translated into dancefloor gems and collected on Bethel’s Bastard Jazz Recordings debut Cookin’ Gumbo. For now, stir the pot and taste the bossa-rific “Get You Some,” featuring vocals from L.A.’s Brit Lauren. Now that’s a good stew! –Tomas Palermo

"Get You Some (feat. Brit Lauren)" Captain Planet


Aaron Dudley said...

Fantastic song here!

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Anonymous said...

nice, long, and strong!!!

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