Bassnectar, “Timestretch”

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Nobody would ever accuse Bassnectar, a beatmaker from Santa Cruz, Calif., of being flighty or slight. Typically, "Timestretch" is heavy, with a slow, ominous bass pulse that serves as gravity on the bottom and moody, methodical beats that crack in a complicated lattice up above. Textures raw and singed give it all an almost rock 'n' roll feel, but this is seething-circuit electronic music all the way. -- Andy Battaglia

"Timestretch" Bassnectar


Elizabeth said...

Excellent music! Bassnectar was one of the best shows I saw this summer!

Troy S said...

@Elizabeth, I couldn't agree more. I love Bassnectar. Couldnt believe they showed up on here. Thanks Google Music Team!!

Wes said...


POB said...

OK, this makes me like Google Music a bit more

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