TEEN: The Young Americans

There's something about this young band that feels appealingly like trouble stirring, or possibly even witchiness. At the core of Brooklyn's TEEN is such a mini-coven—ex-Here We Go Magic member Teeny Lieberson and siblings Katherine and Lizzy, along with friend Jane Herships—but while there is some dark allure to their debut album In Limbo, there's also more to it than that. Droning dream pop is their main mode on In Limbo—best exemplified by the brooding single "Electric"—but they also ably incorporate electronic textures, like the synth lead of album opener "Better," and veer into brighter, more upbeat territory. (The album was produced by Sonic Boom of legendary guitar group Spacemen 3, and if you're really trying you can hear an echo of his atmospherics here.) Elsewhere, TEEN give off an almost classicist pop sensibility, evoking garage rock and '60s girl groups in equal measure. Key to all these approaches is TEEN's employment of richly-layered vocal harmonies, which frequently cast weightless gauze over their songs, but which also roils "Electric" into its swirling, self-contained maelstrom of a conclusion. – Eric Grandy, Google Play

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