Earache 25th Anniversary Sampler

In Nottingham, UK in 1987, Digby Pearson put out the first vinyl offering on his newly-minted imprint Earache Records. From The Accused's The Return of Martha Splatterhead to the first proper signing of his good friends and grind godfathers Napalm Death, who released their legendary first record Scum that same year, the label was officially born. From its humble beginnings and Pearson's "motivation to not get a real job," Earache went on to breed grindcore heroes Carcass, Swedish melodic death metal pioneers At the Gates, stoner metal beacons Sleep, experimental cyborgs Godflesh, new wave of thrash titans Municipal Waste and so much more.

"Siege of Power" Napalm Death

Garnering praise (renowned BBC DJ John Peel was a fan) and impacting the metal scene worldwide as a result, the label's solid roster still continues to grow today. To commemorate this extreme British label's quarter-century of excellence thus far, we're offering a free sampler featuring some of their most notable bands' finest tracks—including choice cuts from all the aforementioned plus Morbid Angel, Entombed, Deicide, The Haunted, Bolt Thrower, White Wizzard, Evile and beyond.

Don't miss out on this killer free compilation, and be sure to bang your head in honor of Earache's landmark birthday. – Jen Guyre, Google Play

"Siege of Power" Napalm Death


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