JC Brooks: Live at the Last Minute

It takes a lot of swagger to front a garage soul band convincingly. You need more than a great voice—you also require killer moves, smooth patter and an infectious energy that can provoke even the stuffiest crowds into manic bursts of joyous dancing.

JC Brooks has all that down so cold he makes it look easy. When Brooks and his band, the Uptown Sound, stepped in at the last minute to fill a hole at the Google Play/You Tube Presents South by Southwest shindig, Live from the Lot, they had to win over a big crowd that had been expecting The Ting Tings. It took them about two and a half minutes to do exactly that, as you can hear on the free track from the concert below. We're very proud to premiere the music video for their latest single, "Sister Ray Charles." – Tim Quirk, Google Play

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ken said...

this is great and amazing . i love it

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