Savoir Adore, "Dreamers”

Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer are the core of Brooklyn band Savoir Adore, and it’s their vocal interplay that animates “Dreamers.” Hammer sings the yearning verses while Muro delivers a reassuring chorus over muted guitar, a steady backbeat, bass funk and blooming into keyboards. He’s subdued, she’s an aerialist, and when they meet for the song’s climax, it’s fittingly dreamy. – Eric Grandy, Google Music

"Dreamers" Savoir Adore


Anonymous said...

My immediate thought is that Hammer reminds me of a more optimistic/upbeat version of Snow Patrol, and Muro has that unique tone and delivery that I instantly associate with the Cranberries. I hadn't ever considered the two styles complementing, but I think this works well.

I'm not sure if artists take comparisons to other artists as a compliment (probably depends on to whom), so let me clarify that I mean it in a good way.

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