VHS or Beta, “I Found a Reason”

VHS or Beta have spent the four years since the release of Bring on the Comets DJ’ing around the world and creating dance remixes of songs by artists including Tegan and Sara, Hussle Club and My Morning Jacket. It’s a move that seems like a natural progression for an indie rock band that has always embraced dance music. On 2011’s Diamonds and Death, they’ve not so much picked up where they left off as upped the ante, producing songs that fit squarely in the realm of dance without the need for semantic modifiers. “I Found a Reason” opens with nearly orchestral strings, a deceptively forlorn beginning for a track that seems crafted to make listeners feel good. Within seconds, it shakes off the brooding mood with a repeated piano house line, then fills it out with shiny, synth-y pop, disco beats and joyous handclaps. Altogether, it makes for a track that seems as good a reason as any to take to the dancefloor. -- Kali Holloway

“I Found A Reason” VHS or Beta


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