Ryan Adams: A Heart Made of Ashes & Fire

Alt-country crooner. Video game fanatic. Metalhead. Ryan Adams is a multifaceted man. Released on the heels of a two-year hiatus, Adams’ latest collection, Ashes & Fire, is full of introspective ballads that mark a more straightforward, country direction for the musically moody maven. The album, his 13th, pits soulful, heartfelt lyrics and gentle percussions against melancholic melodies. Tracks such as the wistful single “Lucky Now” are low-key and perfect for those Jacksonville city nights.

"Do I Wait (In Studio Acoustic Version)" Ryan Adams

But it’s both astonishing and refreshing how Adams’ musical output doesn’t always match his input. The singer grew up on punk and metal in the ‘80s, recently surfaced in a Black Sabbath t-shirt to unveil “Dirty Rain,” and raised eyebrows on BBC Radio 1 with a folk-ified cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years.” So naturally, when Magnifier caught up with Adams, we had to find out more about his metal upbringing. Watch the video above to learn how that seemingly unassuming part of his musical life helps inform his newly minted PAX-AM imprint, as well as the discipline it takes to separate his private fandom from his professional career. Adams also discusses how a classic video game and fabled mythical creature both came together to symbolize the next phase of his career as a songwriter. And if that’s not enough intrigue, add Adams’ in-studio acoustic track and Magnifier exclusive “Do I Wait” to your library for free now. -- Jen Guyre

"Do I Wait (In Studio Acoustic Version)" Ryan Adams


Unknown said...

wow, brilliant interview! I can't wait to hear Ashes & Fire. I hope RAdams keeps churning out an average of 10 albums per decade....what a boss.

Maorka said...

Ashes & Fire is a great album, which improves with repeated listens. I look forward to seeing him in concert for the first time when he performs at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

English said...

Ryan Adams is so talented. Every time he releases an album I love him even more.

ixoyefreak said...

"Do I Wait"... loved it! cool interview too.

Randy James said...

I love Google Music.

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