Vetiver's Charming Audiophile

The first thing you should know about Andy Cabic, the guiding light behind San Francisco band Vetiver, is that he’s a bonafide music nerd. This humble bandleader not only crafted a string of perfect summertime pop songs for Vetiver, but he also DJs around town, co-founded a record label called Gnomonsong with neo-folker Devendra Banhart, scours record store crates for rare vinyl and collaborates with a varied cast of musical heroes, from indie harpist Joanna Newsom to folk legend Michael Hurley. In this exclusive interview, he tells Magnifier how he sifted through ideas with producer Thom Monahan to create the lush, sunny foundation that became Vetiver’s fifth album Errant Charm. What’s Cabic listening to when he’s not playing with his own band(s)? Grab a pen and paper and get ready to make a list of his recommended musical gems, then create the perfect soundtrack for your stroll to the record store by adding Vetiver's “Wonder Why” and “Can’t You Tell” to your library now. -- Michele Flannery

"Can't You Tell" Vetiver

"Wonder Why" Vetiver


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