Tennis: Out To Sea

Indie power-couples are common, but much less common are indie couples who write debut albums inspired entirely by boat trips. Into that void seeps Denver husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. Under the moniker Tennis, the couple made a splash earlier this year with their debut, Cape Dory, which was inspired by a seven-month voyage along the Eastern seaboard. The album is dripping with nostalgia, with delicate, layered harmonies recalling the halcyon days of ‘60s girl groups, paired with fuzzy, lo-fi backdrops that evoke a modern indie pop take on classic ‘50s pop. One could argue that Tennis are shamelessly riding a wave of precious retro-chic that includes bands such as Dirty Beaches and Girls, but they’ve weathered the backlash with songs such as “Marathon,” which is refreshingly free of irony and telegraphs a genuine intimacy. Magnifier recently caught up with Tennis to talk about their lives before, during and after their now-infamous trip, as well as the role of nostalgia in their music. Be sure to add their tracks “Marathon” and “Seafarer” to your library for free. -- Sam Chennault

"Marathon" Tennis

"Seafarer" Tennis


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