Owiny Sigoma Band, "Doyoi Nyajo Nam"

The Owiny Sigoma Band's story is a world music publicist's dream: Five London musicians travel to Nairobi and hook up with percussionist Charles Owoko and nyatiti (a traditional eight-string lyre) player Joseph Nyamungu. A few sessions in an old factory later, the new band crafts a record that interweaves traditional and pop music from across two continents, attracting the collaborative interest of luminaries like Damon Albarn and Gilles Peterson. It's a great backstory for the layers of guitar riffs and nyatiti strains, crisp beats and rolling drums the band builds on "Doyoi Nyajo Nam." By the time Nyamungu's commanding voice soars in, you are fully immersed in the delicate little details and side plots contained in each wave of this thick, hearty jam. -- Rachel Devitt

"Doyoi Nyajo Nam" Owiny Sigoma Band


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