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Le Butcherettes are the band we’ve been waiting to hear. Their take on garage punk is raw and jolting, with buzzing guitars trading off against pleasant keys to form abrasive, repetitive choruses. Dynamic and unpredictable, songs go from subdued to full throttle in mere seconds, while lead singer and all-around main-woman Teri Gender Bender’s hauntingly confident voice moves seamlessly from pretty coos to deep belts and punk-fueled shouts. It’s an unapologetically bold sound, and unlike anything else that you’ll hear in music today.

"New York" Le Butcherettes

"Henry Don't Got Love" Le Butcherettes

Born from feminist angst in Mexico’s underground music scene, Bender formed Le Butcherettes in 2007 as an all-girl duo. The band began playing small shows throughout Guadalajara with an unbridled stage presence; props included raw meat and pig’s heads, and they dressed in blood-stained aprons and 50’s house dresses. The sheer spectacle of the show, and Bender’s firecracker personality, caught the attention of The Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Following that chance encounter, Omar signed her to his Rodriguez-Lopez Productions imprint and even contributed bass to Le Butcherettes’ debut record, Sin Sin Sin. Instantly garnering the respect of punk’s elite, the band opened for The Dead Weather and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on their Mexico tours and later relocated to Los Angeles, becoming a power trio with bassist Jonathan Hischke and Gabe Serbian, revered drummer from The Locust, joining the group. Their first show in the U.S. as a newly minted trio was in support of Minutemen mastermind Mike Watt, who also gave his seal of approval, a poignant story Jonathan recounts in the video above.

In spring 2011, Le Butcherettes released Sin Sin Sin to widespread acclaim, and were tapped by Deftones as a supporting act earlier this summer. They’re preparing to accompany The Flaming Lips on tour this fall, and have also claimed a coveted spot sharing the stage with Iggy and The Stooges this December.

Yes, it’s hard not to name-drop when talking about Le Butcherettes, but the accolades these newcomers have garnered from music’s elite is staggering. Like the group’s fans, the rock, metal and punk vets are drawn not only to their provocative and electrifying stage show, but the stark honesty of their musical vision. In the video you can see what Le Butcherettes have to say about their inception and reception, as well as the great story of how they managed to get Rodriguez-Lopez’s attention in the first place. And whatever you do, don’t forget to add Sin Sin Sin tracks “New York” and “Henry Don’t Got Love” to your library for free now! -- Jen Guyre

"New York" Le Butcherettes

"Henry Don't Got Love" Le Butcherettes


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its a great band, in mexico they have much success.. good review...

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