M83: Coloring the Void

M83 belong to the long line of musicians who conjure intimacy on a grand scale. Their music is filled with dramatic swells, pulsating synths, soaring vocals and cathartic choruses. With its clanging rhythm and electronic varnish, songs such as "Reunion," off their recently released album Hurry Up, I’m Dreaming, sound like a lost, mid-’80s collaboration between Peter Gabriel and Jean-Michel Jarre. But whether it’s the not-quite-discernible lyrics or the brief, delicate interludes dotting the album, there’s the sense of movement just beyond the edges of the frame, and repeated listens reveal a pervading loneliness, or, as frontman Anthony Gonzalez puts it, "a shiver of want."

"Midnight City" M83

We recently caught up with Gonzalez during the Moogfest in Asheville, N.C., and he discussed how he reacts to criticism, his need for solitude and the music he hears in his dreams. Check out the interview and get his new single, "Midnight City," for free. – Sam Chennault, Google Music

"Midnight City" M83


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