Willie Evans Jr., “Fisbawdup”

Willie Evans Jr. admits that he is a “weird geek,” and “Fisbawdup” captures the formless, everyday anxiety of being an outsider. There’s no chorus, lines rush into one another and the track’s smeared Quiet Storm-era soul is pitched to frantic. Evans runs through a laundry list of Xanax moments: crappy soundmen, women who “flame-throw your game,” and doormen who “shave money off the cash box.” Predictably, the subject turns to the sad state of hip-hop as Evans raps that “everybody ask me to hold it down/ while they collect checks for being Homey the Clown.” Evans’ drunken master flow as well as the track’s buzzing, ADD energy channel MF DOOM, which isn’t at all a bad thing. -- Sam Chennault

"Fisbawdup" Willie Evans Jr.


Arsun Fist said...

Willie Evans is truly one of hip-hops gems, such a shame because not too many artists push the envelope like he does musically and lyrically, rock on homie, the smart ones are tuned in! www.thenerdysouth.com

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