Mates of State, “Palomino”

Aside from a stray 2010 covers album, Mates of State have been quiet for some time. Of course, raising kids can do that, but Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel sound ready to burst on “Palomino,” the first song from their forthcoming album Mountaintops. The tock of a drum machine gets washed away by a sumptuous blast of “oooh-ooohs” and the propulsion of Hammel’s snare. It’s as heady as any pop rush the couple has concocted, and the duo are clearly trying to reclaim the breakout indie-sweetheart mantel from Matt and Kim, the other couple of keyboard-mashers and drum-bangers. -- Andy Beta

"Palomino" Mates of State


Dominick Pirone said...

I am VERY excited about this album. They are so pop-y and delightful. :)

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