Fountains of Wayne, “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart”

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Although “Stacy’s Mom” introduced Fountains of Wayne to a colossal new audience (and became something of the theme song to the early ‘00s MILF awakening), the band’s enduring career has been built brick by brick with clever, catchy, stadium-sized rockers like “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart.” With its driving bass line, chiming piano and sweetly overdriven wash of guitar, the upbeat single might bring “Stacy” to mind by opening with a few wry one-liners about “staring at the sun with no pants on.” But don’t write it off as a joke: singer/songwriter Chris Collingwood delivers the saccharine and slightly melancholy narrative of disaffected love on another “cold grey morning,” his sarcastic smirk a thin veneer over the song’s genuine heartache. – Nate Cavalieri

"Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" Fountains of Wayne


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