David Dallas, “Big Time”

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David Dallas is the first major rapper from New Zealand to break in the States, and while he may be from a different hemisphere, the mix of adolescent angst and aspiration that snakes through “Big Time” is universal. Sitting outside the guidance counselor’s office, Dallas narrows down his options (“I.T? Yeah, I like computer games
, but I heard their pay got lower since Y2K?”) before settling on a career as a hip-hop star. It’s probably not the most practical path, but it’s worked for Dallas. He is signed to Duck Down, one of hip-hop’s most venerated labels, and “Big Time” received a shout out from Kanye West. -- Sam Chennault

"Big Time" David Dallas


ARizon4being said...

Whoa!!! I was not expecting, OK I like , YESSS

Paatterson said...

Great song thanks for sharing. David Dallas has a bright future looking up more of his work now !

Anonymous said...

Shoutout from Kanye...yeeaah D.dal! Big things!NZ UP #TintSquad.

Anonymous said...

David Dallas is amazing, he truly is an inspiration. Rappers nowadays are conforming and it seems like they all sound the same. I don't ignore the lyrics and listen to the beat, no- with him I take time to listen to his lyrics and what they're trying to say. I love his style and how he doesn't rap about bullshit. You are sick, and I'm mirin' you brah. You are going to go far in life.

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