The Dodos, “Black Night”

Indie rock’s had no shortage of guitar-and-drum duos that make more noise than the sum of their instruments would suggest — from the White Stripes’ bluesy rock on down to Hella’s baffling shred spirals. But few duos make a noise that’s as expansive and delicate as San Francisco band the Dodos. While Dodos guitarist/vocalist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber shred and pummel with the best of them, they do it here with Long on an acoustic, rather than electric, guitar, so that in place of feedback squeal and distortion, their songs are driven by the soft but edgy thrum of clean, reverberating metallic guitar strings. “Black Night” makes the most of that dynamic, with the Dodos’ always impressive interplay of rhythmic momentum and melody propelling Long’s gently emotive singing. -- Eric Grandy

"Black Night" The Dodos


Jon Ramos said...

I saw these guys live in Boston last weekend. If they are touring in your area, do yourself a favor and go to see them play.

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