Black Rob, “Celebration”

“I’ma show ‘em how the summertime represent/ Fresh out of confinement,” raps Black Rob on “Celebration.” After finishing a four-year prison sentence for armed robbery in 2010, he certainly has a reason to party. But there’s an unacknowledged nostalgia to this Harlem rapper’s first single in six years. With its string-laden, disco-sampling beat from producer The A3 and a hook by singer Breyan Isaac, “Celebration” sounds almost proudly dated, as if Black Rob were trying to recapture his Bad Boy Records salad days -- a time when he rocked NYC nightclubs with 2000’s “Whoa!,” a memorable hit of the jiggy-rap era. He describes barbecues and block parties with images of dancing in the “Soul Train” line, Puerto Rican Day parades, and playing dominoes and the bongos. “When I see the smiling faces it’s a break from the norm,” he raps. And though Black Rob can’t quite deliver a full-fledged comeback with his just-released full-length on indie stalwart Duck Down Records, Game Tested, Streets Approved, he shines once more on “Celebration.” -- Mosi Reeves

"Celebration" Black Rob


Ernest Warner said...

Good to have Black Rob back. Give him time to warm up. He will bless us with his origins again.

Otis Ranson said...

Nice track!

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