Pharoahe Monch, “Still Standing (feat. Jill Scott)”

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On “Still Standing,” the violins swell and trumpets blare with a swoop reminiscent of Earth, Wind & Fire, and a hard-stepping beat falls right behind them. But this isn’t throwback disco. It’s Pharoahe Monch, the Queens, New York rapper who once admitted in 1999 to selling “wood in the hood” on the five-borough banger “Simon Says.” Here he breaks down a life that begins “13 months old with a lung disease/ That almost took my life twice, brought me to my knees.” It fueled his rise to the top of the hip-hop class, “Like the Lakers in the 80s/ So Worthy I’m Kareem,” and helped him master the art of breath control, which he aptly demonstrates over two verses. Neo-soul diva Jill Scott closes out this five-minute testament to perseverance. -- Mosi Reeves

"Still Standing (feat. Jill Scott)" Pharoahe Monch


Sir Switfus W. Funkellwerk I said...

GREAT TUNE! Jill laces it with POWERFUL VOCAL TONALITY to compliment PHAROAHES powerful delivery!

ARizon4being said...

Listened to it................. that's my comment right there!

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