Art Brut, "Axl Rose"

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Whether fretting about Top of the Pops or belatedly discovering the Replacements, Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos’ favorite muse has always been other people’s music. So it’s no surprise that on the band’s fourth album—and the first where Argos reaches beyond his usual penchant for half-speaking to attempt to actually sing—he invokes another beleaguered rock star as ally. Over a low bounding bassline, cymbal noise, and squealing guitar riffs, Argos asks, “When the world’s got you by the [f*cking] throat…When no one understands you or even comes close, who do want in your corner? Axl Rose.” And for Argos, as for any music fan, Rose is generously frozen in his Appetite for Destruction era godliness—no hair plugs, no Buckethead, no Chinese Democracy. This is, of course, the Axl Rose you’d want in your corner. -- Eric Grandy

"Axl Rose"Art Brut


aliki said...

Always brilliant...popular culture no longer applies to him.

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