The Antlers, “Parentheses”

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This fall, pioneering UK trip-hop trio Portishead hit American shores for the first time in 13 years. If NYC were throwing them a welcoming party, they might want to book Brooklyn band The Antlers to soundtrack it, with “Parentheses,” a new song from their album Burst Apart, as the centerpiece. Why? Though The Antlers’ 2009 breakthrough Hospice was a rich, atmospheric collection with fairly straightforward guitar ballads led by singer/songwriter Peter Siberman, “Parentheses” comes on like some lost reel from Bristol circa ’94. The drums shuffle and echo, the bass creeps low, guitars trill in the periphery before coalescing into a searing but muted rock riff on the chorus. Through it all, Siberman sings in a ghostly, gender-blurring falsetto. It’s an intrigiuing way for The Antlers to announce their second act. -- Eric Grandy

"Parentheses" The Antlers


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