Magnifier Goodies Now in Google Play

Magnifier's mission has always been to bring you amazing new free music every day. Back when we launched, this site was the most convenient way for you to add those songs to your Google Music locker. From exclusive live tracks by the Rolling Stones to the hottest songs by emerging artists such as Twin Shadow and Grimes, we've always emphasized music we feel passionate about.

Since then, of course, we've unveiled Google Play, where you can supplement your music collection with even more songs, both free and paid. So, while our mission isn't changing, our venue is. From here on out, all of Magnifier's features will live within Play. Free Song of the Day will continue to update on Play’s Music home page, as will our monthly Antenna roundup of new artists and recurring video interviews/performances.

You'll find much more as well, from all the latest new releases to themed discounts. Basically, it's Magnifier times 1000.

Tim Quirk, Google Play


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