Tame Impala: Taming Wild Beasts

Perth may be Australia's fourth largest city, but it's also relatively isolated out there on the continent's far west coast, a condition that's given Tame Impala the space and solitude to hone a buzzy psychedelic rock sound as inward-looking as it is expansive.

Album titles like Innerspeaker and Lonerism hint at the importance of creative seclusion for the band, and, in fact, bandleader Kevin Parker records most of Tame Impala's music himself in their Perth studio. Parts of Lonerism were also recorded on the road, and such newly ranging input, combined with two years of time to record, has produced an album that both reiterates the psych pop appeal of 2010 debut Innerspeaker while also taking Tame Impala's sound into unknown territories.

Songs like the sunshiny, multi-part "Apocalypse Dreams" scan AM frequencies of the '60s and '70s, but transform classic psych influences into something wholly unique. It's richly textured and modern, stuffed with melodic hooks and forceful drum breaks, but also free to wander and float and upend itself in unexpected ways. Lonerism transforms Parker and Tame Impala's inner spaces into strange and luxuriant environments, inviting you to get alone with your headphones and explore. – Eric Grandy, Google Play

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