Choc Quib Town: Party In Colombia

"Feel the conga," chants Colombian trio ChocQuibTown on their tropical hip-hop song "Uh La La." The track is built on Afro-funk rhythms with Spanish lyrics playfully calling out a series of dance moves. The presentation is so lively and infectious, how could you be doing anything but feeling the conga? ChocQuibTown hails from Quibd├│, the capital of Colombia's Pacific coast rainforest region, Choc├│, which gave the group its name. Their brand of Afro-Colombian club beats seem destined for international discovery just as previous generations embraced their nation's cumbia and vallenato music. For the members of ChocQuibTown, wider recognition—most recently a 2012 Latin Grammy nomination—is not only for their music but for Colombia's largely hidden African roots. The group freely mixes the Afro-Colombian tradition with hip-hop, soul and dancehall influences, their inspired, booty-shaking fusion summed up nicely by the title of their recent album, Eso es lo que hay (That's the Way It Is). – Judy Cantor-Navas, Google Play

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