Yep Roc Label Spotlight

Based in Haw River, North Carolina, halfway between Greensboro and Durham, Yep Roc Records is an expression of a region that, since the '80s, has been a crucible for a rich heritage of indie rock, Americana and alternative pop. Not surprisingly, this sensibility rings most strongly in the music of neo-bluegrass quartet Chatham County Line and of singer-songwriter Tift Merritt, both of whom are natives of the Triangle –the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill metro area. Yet it also explains the label's dogged and honorable support of long-established cult favorites Dave Alvin and Chuck Prophet; after all, both initially emerged from '80s roots rock, a movement that sought common ground between heartland ethos and punk and new wave.

The same can be said journeymen pranksters Young Fresh Fellows. Though their power pop possesses significantly less twang, it's always shared quite a lot in common with the Southern-fried jangle pop of Tarheel legends The dB's. Helping to carry Yep Roc's vision into the future are younger artists such as Cheyenne Marie Mize and Peggy Sue: while they hail from Kentucky and England, respectively, each one filters delicious folk-pop sounds through a lens shaped by alt-rock's scrappy independence. Visit Google Play now to grab cool songs and discover albums from Yep Roc's quality catalog. – Justin Farrar, Google Play

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Anonymous said...

One of the best labels of the past 10 years. Thanks for the music!

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