Casual, "Give Respect"

"Give Respect," from Casual's eighth album Respect Game or Expect Flames, finds the rapper from revered Oakland underground crew Hieroglyphics spitting fire over a bouncy and playful beat from Ohio producer J. Rawls. But don't let the boisterous vibe fool you, the track is actually a scathing critique of the American prison system and its biases. – Andrew Nosnitsky, Google Play

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punit unisense said...

This is very well said...simply awesome!

razor wire said...

Pretty racist song :(

Anonymous said...

I gotta be honest, after analyzing the lyrics, this is by far the most racist tune I have heard in my entire lifetime. I can't believe that in 2012, there is still so much hatred out there. I know several white cops, and they are all very nice people; not a single ounce of racism in their bodies. This song belongs in the 1960s or earlier, not 2012. It is extremely offensive to white police officers. This is America, not Blackagainstwhiteville.

Anonymous said...

This song seems rather offensive to white cops. Not sure why Google is promoting racism :(
3rd comment attempt, are there draconian rules about commenting my opinions?

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