Heart, "Crazy on You"

Heart's "Crazy on You" boasts just about every key element that made the group's hard rock style one of the very best of the decade: finely picked acoustic guitars rooted in folk-blues, a nastily propulsive groove melting Led Zeppelin heft into glam-disco strut, hooks lurking at every turn and, of course, Ann Wilson's banshee cry that's as sexy as it is ominous. Oh, the glorious perfection! – Justin Farrar, Google Play

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John J said...

An outstanding choice. Recently (OK, late 2010 into early 2011), Grace Potter & The Nocturnals have covered Crazy On You. They first did it on a VH1 Divas special, w/ the Wilson sisters. Lots of YouTube videos of GPN doing it, here's one of my favorites:


And here's my favorite version as covered by GPN, in Denver on 2/11/11:


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