The Color-Coated World of Baroness

“Variety for us is really the life's blood of what we do,” explains Baroness frontman and accomplished visual artist John Dyer Baizley. Perched upon a battered leather couch backstage at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco, he and his band of childhood friends - guitarist Pete Adams, bassist Matt Maggioni, and drummer Allen Blickle - reflect upon their expansive musical journey from 2003 to the present day. Through three EP’s and two critically acclaimed records, the indie metal band always dabbled in textures, but now on their new full-length - a double album entitled Yellow & Green - Baroness deliberately set out to change their approach to songwriting, taking an entire year to bring that vision to fruition. Says Baizley, “It was sort of like having a huge vocabulary but just never using it, and so, when we sat down to write the record, it just all came out.” And while that may account for a less metallic offspring, there is no denying the talent and prowess of the Savannah, GA-based band as they venture into more hook-laden charges like lead single “Take My Bones Away.” Learn more about what compels Baroness’ evolution - including their fascination with Jimi Hendrix’s “electric church” - and how the visual aspect of their heralded artist/ frontman aids in their mystique by watching the video to the left. – Jen Guyre, Google Play

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