Billy Corgan Gets Feisty

Billy Corgan dropped by the Google Play stage during the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin last week. He's been signaling that the next Smashing Pumpkins release, Oceania, will be an attempt to get away from "the single mentality" and back to an album experience, so we invited him to sit down with us and explain just what that meant.

The resulting Q&A was a feisty, funny and occasionally awkward interactive experience (we're looking at you, audience members who begin questions with, "Back when you were popular…"). Watch the video to hear Corgan explain why he thinks bands today aren't revolutionary, and to hear him call his interviewer "the devil." Please note: there's quite a lot of cussing.

We had other guests, too, though they didn't all talk about music. Comedian-turned-TV/film director Bobcat Goldthwait kept the crowd laughing even when they weren't sure if they should be, as he discussed his new black comedy, God Bless America—and please note, this one has even more cussing.

Willem Dafoe also had a new film screening at the festival, and kindly stopped by to discuss both that flick, The Hunter, and also his past notable performances, from Platoon to Wild at Heart to Boondock Saints.

We also hosted two authors: Michelle Haimoff read from her debut novel, These Days Are Ours; while comedian Sara Benincasa read from her memoir about overcoming debilitating neurosis, Agorafabulous. And, yes, there's more cussing in both. - Tim Quirk, Google Play


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