Rolling Stones Bootleg Series: Hampton, '81

Our second exclusive installment from the Rolling Stones live archives finds the band touring on Tattoo You, playing the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia in a 1981 concert that was broadcast live on pay-per-view for the lucky few who could figure out how to order it. The set is heavy on songs from their '70s albums, plus choice covers such as "Just My Imagination," and though the production demands of mega-domes threatened the spontaneity that's the lifeblood of rock and roll shows, the band still feels admirably loose—just listen to the way they let the crowd lead on "You Can't Always Get What You Want," and how much space they leave for Ernie Watts' choice sax accompaniment.

"Waiting on a Friend" Rolling Stones

It sounds like anything could happen, and as Keith tells it in our accompanying interview, things ultimately went overboard when a crazed fan rushed Mick during "Satisfaction." Keith's story about taking the assailant out with a perfectly aimed swing of his Telecaster is as well-timed as his leads, and if his recollection doesn't quite match the video evidence, well, the myth is better, innit?

You can buy the complete 25-song set for just $4.99, or pick and choose from all the tracks below—including a free version of "Waiting on a Friend" you may prefer to the studio take, thanks to Ernie Watts' prominent sax runs. – Tim Quirk, Google Music

"Waiting on a Friend" Rolling Stones


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