Jacaszek: Glimmering Grace

In a manner befitting his Polish homeland, where the twin pressures of East and West shaped history, Michał Jacaszek makes music that lives in the interstices. But where history is tumultuous, Jacaszek's delicate, electro-acoustic fusion radiates calm. Working with classical musicians, he treats acoustic instruments with subtle digital processing, collaging together Baroque phrases as though taking apart a Medieval tapestry and reweaving it, thread by glimmering thread, into forms that feel both new and timeless.

After a few records for the Polish label Gusstaff, Jacaszek received his first major international attention with 2008's Treny and the following year's Pentral, suites of stately neo-chamber music that evoked the melancholic, meditative tones of Arvo Pärt or Henryk Górecki. Glimmer, released on the American label Ghostly International, is his most luminous work to date, with filigreed strains of harpsichord and strings burning against a velvety darkness. – Philip Sherburne, Google Music

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