Ritmo Machine: The Funk Mechanics

Cypress Hill percussionist Eric Bobo and Chile's Latin Bitman, who's the KitchenAid of South American mix masters, met last year at Lollapalooza Chile, and then came together as Ritmo Machine in a Buenos Aires studio. The natural flow of what Bobo calls their "big mix of rhythms" easily connects the dots between hard Latin, Brazilian and Afro beats, rap, scratching and dub. Welcome to the Ritmo Machine is a power party album rooted by the call of bongos and congas and greased by soul grooves that would honor Eric's father, jazz percussionist Willie Bobo. Bitman hosts, turning up the heat on electronica. Lyricists Sen Dog, featured on "Senny Sosa," and Ana Tijoux, on "La Calle," bring the consciousness. Money Mark, Beastie Boys' Mix Master Mike and P-Nut from the band 311 are also among the guests. "Maestro" was the first track that Bobo and Bitman recorded, and they describe it as setting the tone for the album. As Bobo says, it's about "the vibe and the music, and not too much flash." Add "Maestro" to your library and get your own party started. – Judy Cantor-Navas, Google Music

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