Sepalcure: Beyond Dubstep

New York electronic production duo Sepalcure's eponymous debut woos dancers and listeners alike with rhythmic subtlety and warm harmonics. The pair, Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart, tackle a mature side of electronic music with muffled, complex drums, piano chords echoing off into the distance, and snatches of sampled vocals drifting by, forgotten almost as soon as heard. On songs like "See Me Feel Me," words tumble over keys, recalling the rain-slick streets and longing looks outside nightclubs. By contrast, tracks like "Breezin'" and "Yuh Nuh See" are slinky dance numbers whose complexity only highlights the urge to get down.

"I'm Alright" Sepalcure

Sepalcure's Stewart and Sharma are prolific solo musicians with a dozen albums under their belts as Machinedrum (Stewart's hyperkinetic alter ego) and Braille and Praveen (Sharma's house and downtempo guises). Their success is almost a fluke—they never expected the songs to go anywhere, but Darren Aronofsky picked up one track for the club scene in his film Black Swan. Now their debut album has the potential to be the soundtrack to your next love affair. – Matt Earp, Google Music

"I'm Alright" Sepalcure


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