Dumpstaphunk: New Orleans Funk Party

Separately, the members of Dumpstaphunk have played with a jaw-dropping list of musical talent, from legends such as Etta James, The Rolling Stones, and Bonnie Raitt to younger acts like John Mayer, Cee-Lo, Galactic and Angie Stone. But it's together as a band where each member really shines. Dumpstaphunk bring together the slinky, jazz-infused funk of their native New Orleans with harder edged, rock influences such as Parliament, Bootsy Collins and Sly Stone. Watch younger members Ian Neville (guitar) and Nikki Glaspie (drums) walk you through the band before they lay out on the timely protest tune "Oughta Know Better." Then, add the exclusive free tracks including "Oughta Know" and "Everybody Want Sum" to your Google Music Locker. – Nick Dedina

"Oughta Know Better" Dumpstaphunk


Derek said...

Hell yeah. Now that's some kickass free music. Dumpstaphunk brings it.

daddyg said...

Been lovin these guys for years. Thanks for sharing.

feluvizotto said...

What's wrong with Magnifier? Till a month ago I could add the free songs at my Google Music. Now, when I try, a message from Android Marketing appears alerting me that "the document isn't avaiable in my country (Brazil)? How was it possible add before and not anymore? Users should not be reported on the changes?

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