Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman

Tom Morello talks about The Nightwatchman – his folk-singing, protest-marching, acoustic guitar-slinging alter ego -- as though he’s an entirely separate person. And in some ways, he is. Morello’s best known as a riff-generating guitar god who’s roamed arena stages with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, while The Nightwatchman more often finds himself trying to get befuddled union workers to sing along to three chords and the truth at random VFW halls.

"Worldwide Rebel Songs" Tom Morello

But with World Wide Rebel Songs, The Nightwatchman has now released as many records as Rage did, so it makes sense that the riff monster and the earnest folkie are starting to merge. The new album combines the best of both Morello’s worlds, using a full band to expand The Nightwatchman’s sound while retaining his core values. You can hear the blistering results in “World Wide Rebel Songs,” one of several free Nightwatchman tracks we’re offering Google Music customers. His impressive showmanship, admirable political engagement and self-effacing humor would be plenty to recommend him, but the main reason to watch the video is his deft ability to balance all of that at once. – Tim Quirk

"Worldwide Rebel Songs" Tom Morello


Brian said...

If this is Google's sly attempt at PR to say "come work for us, we have cool stuff", it's working.

Anonymous said...

Swing as hard as you the it until the day of rage comes. Politics and apocalypse...

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