Thao and Mirah: Loud and Quiet

Thao Nguyen and Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn are each musical powerhouses in their own right, but the collaboration between the two singer-songwriters plays up their unique charms. The tenderness of Mirah's vocals provides a nice counterpoint to Thao's angular guitar solos, sandpapering the gap between the harsh and smooth elements of their contributions, while still showcasing their lyrical storytelling. What began as mutual appreciation and a good excuse to perform together at S.F.'s Noise Pop festival, soon snowballed into a short tour and a "real-life love child" of a release. These indie rock goddesses recently stopped by Google HQ for a live performance and an exclusive interview where they share details of where they first played music together, the best opportunities to “wank off” on guitar and the other duos they admire, from Brooks & Dunn to Laverne & Shirley. Add these exclusive live versions of “How Dare You” and “Teeth” to your Music Beta library as fine examples of how they blend their talents without losing any of their idiosyncratic impact. -- Michele Flannery

"How Dare You" Thao and Mirah (performance)


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