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It's like our Bar Mitzvah or something, as today’s the day Music Beta Magnifier grows up and drops the "beta." Yup, we're Google Music Magnifier now. And our parents are doing their best to impress the neighbors by hiring the Rolling Stones to help us celebrate. Really! We've got an exclusive, rarely played live Stones track for you, for free. “Dancing With Mr. D.” was only ever performed on their '73 tour (and, frankly, sounds a whole lot better live than it did on Goat’s Head Soup).

Since we've also got a brand new music store that's as seamlessly connected to your Google Music Locker as Magnifier has been, you can buy the entire, never-before-released concert from which that track is culled for just $4.99

"Dancing With Mr. D" Rolling Stones

As Keith Richards explains in our accompanying video interview, there was still "a great sloppiness" to Rolling Stones gigs back in the early ‘70s. He means that in the best way, as this set from their ’73 European tour proves. "Everybody was so on," he continues, "so on in fact that towards the end I wondered what the rest of the band were on." Widely bootlegged for years as Brussels Affair (among other titles), and considered by many fans to be one of the best live recordings the Stones ever made, this show from 10/17/73 is only now being released officially, in a pristine mix overseen by the band itself.

The band was touring on Goat’s Head Soup, so several songs from that album were being road-tested for the first time, including "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)," "Dancing With Mr. D.," and "Angie," which was a #1 hit in the States the day this show was recorded in Brussels. The tempos are furious, the vocals raw, the interplay between Keith and Mick Taylor’s guitars intuitive and sublime. This is what the Stones sounded like before the arenas they were now booked in became part of the show; it’s the sound of preternaturally gifted rhythm and blues fanatics who learned their licks in sweaty, crowded bars playing like it’s enough to be the best club band the world will ever see.

We’ll be bringing you more exclusive treasures from the Stones’ live vaults in the coming months, and will have a free track for you from each one. For now, if you need to be convinced just how special this show was, you can watch Mick and Keith share their memories of the performance, and grab that rare live version of "Dancing With Mr. D." – Tim Quirk, Google Music

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"Dancing With Mr. D" Rolling Stones


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