Paul White, "Stampeding Elephants feat. Moe Pope (Explicit)"

With a track titled “Stampeding Elephants,” one would expect a raw, visceral banger, but U.K. producer Paul White instead opts for lo-fi psych hip-hop that barely hangs off the bone, grafting a screeching organ over the track’s clomping rhythm as a lion growls in the background and sirens wail. Rapper Moe Pope (from Bay Area indie hip-hop group Crown City Rockers) declares himself the “Jack Johnson of the jungle” where “burners are bustin’” and listeners “shake like gelatin.” His short, snappy cadence provides a apt counterpoint to the track’s loose, afrobeat vibe, and this track is a nice, two-minute blast of ramshackle rap. -- Sam Chennault

"Stampeding Elephants feat. Moe Pope (Explicit)" Paul White


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