Delta Spirit’s Weird Americana

Delta Spirit know how to mess with preconceived notions of American roots music. The recipe starts with traditional twang, mixes in a bit of rock and soul and then sneaks the unexpected sounds of odd "instruments" such as water heaters and trash-can lids. Their electrifying mixture of “high lonesome” emotion and punk edginess may catch your ears off guard. Magnifier caught up with them recently to ask about the origins of their friendship (which involves one of them dressed in drag as Meg White) and how location is key to their sound. In the past, they’ve found inspiration in a room in Sonoma County where musical hero Tom Waits laid down tracks, and this summer they holed up in an upstate New York church. Their beautiful song “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” may sound familiar, as it played a part in the series finale of the critically acclaimed show Friday Night Lights. Miss the show? Add this song now to your Music Beta library to get a better idea of why it was chosen to complement the dramatic mood of this televised farewell. -- Michele Flannery

"Devil Knows You're Dead" Delta Spirit


Michael McIntyre said... favorite Irish prayer; when I was growing up it hung on the side of our refrigerator.

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