Bayonics, “Wheels Keep on Turning”

The ten-piece ensemble Bayonics evokes the San Francisco Bay Area’s multicultural identity, from their frequent use of funky cumbia and Afrobeat rhythms to the mixture of neo-soul vocals, singing en español and Yay Area hip-hop. “Wheels Keep Turning,” the opening track on Mission Statement (a nod to their Mission District home), may be the band’s most traditional number: It has piping horn arrangements and scratchy guitar reminiscent of ‘70s Oakland icons Tower of Power, and a melodic, sunshine beat typical of West Coast indie rap groups like Jurassic 5 and Crown City Rockers. Vocalists Jairo Vargas and Shamilah Ivory sing about life on the road, celebrating the opportunity to bring their funk fusion to audiences around the country. Rapper Dreese adds, “It’s just another chance to escape the Bay, go to L.A. or M.I.A., with no preference on where I stay, as long as I get to perform and play.” If you’ve never been to a show in the Bay, the easy, laid-back grooves of “Wheels Keep Turning” will give you an introduction to how they get down. – Mosi Reeves

"Wheels Keep Turning" Bayonics


Jimmyv said...

Great track and album by the brothers of Bayonics.

Michelle Huang said...

This song is hot!

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