Tommy Guerrero, "Is It Just Me...Cause I Don't Get It"

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As a member of the famous '80s Powell Peralta pro team the Bones Brigade, Tommy Guerrero was a skateboarding legend. While his biography will likely forever be punctuated with that, he is also a noted composer, solo artist, and nimble-fingered guitarist. Over the years, his output has matured, which isn’t to say that it’s no longer interesting. "Is It Just Me...Cause I Don't Get It," a recent track, is completely instrumental and a little hazy, with low-neck guitar noodling, over gently percolating digital percussion. The loose, visually evocative textures, as well as his stature in his previous life, explain why this is currently making the rounds as a soundtrack for skateboarding videos. – Arielle Castillo

"Is It Just Me... Cause I Don't Get It" Tommy Guerrero


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