Metal Scanner: The Underground Edition

Metal has come a long way since its inception in the late '60s, and the reinterpretation of what initially spawned from simply down-tuning the blues couldn’t be more vast in 2011. The genre draws from influences all over the musical map while maintaining a heavy low end, intricate guitars and in many cases screaming vocals.

Looking at metal’s sprawling underground makes this variety clear. From abstract progressive rock and melodious deathcore to slow, sludgy doom and fast, ferocious thrash, metal is constantly being reinvented.

"Your Calm Waters" The Atlas Moth

"Oak God" Century

"Cradle Robber" Revocation

"Judgement Awaits You" Toxic Holocaust

"Eden" TesseracT

"Procession of Ashes" All Shall Perish

If you’re not already a fan, entry points to this diverse world can be difficult to find, but we’ve corralled some of the underground’s best in a sampler you can add to your music library for free. Magnifier exclusive “Your Calm Waters” is an emotionally turgid and sonically atmospheric track off An Ache for the Distance, the upcoming album from Chicago-based doom metal purveyors The Atlas Moth. Century's “Oak God” features Candlebox’s Kevin Martin in addition to their signature dual-vocal assault. Deathcore group All Shall Perish inject a sense of melody into “Procession of Ashes” off their latest, This is Where it Ends, while neo-thrash band Toxic Holocaust delivers unrelenting speed and aggression with “Judgment Awaits You,” and Revocation's “Cradle Robber" boasts Best Modern Metal Guitarist David Davidson's impressive riffage. And, though they’ve since changed vocalists, the nine minute closer to TesseracT’s debut album “Eden” is epic. Check it out, and stay tuned for more metal offerings to come. – Jen Guyre

"Your Calm Waters" The Atlas Moth

"Oak God" Century

"Cradle Robber" Revocation

"Judgement Awaits You" Toxic Holocaust

"Eden" TesseracT

"Procession of Ashes" All Shall Perish


Anonymous said...

Really impressive mix. Never thought I'd see these bands featured on google, mad props!

Anonymous said...

I may tweeted "it's about time", but the service is still in beta. It is a little coincidental that I complain about a lack of metal representation when recommending new music to me, and then a couple days later you launch this. Many others must have also given the same feedback, which is great because metal is an great, relevant and popular genre in music today. Thank you Google!

Anonymous said...

google has been awesome for years. is it gonna be cool now too?! This is the new radio. Thank you!

corporatedemon said...

Thank you for this. I hope to see and hear a lot more from Metal Scanner!

Mike Corbett said...

i dig these MIXES, keep them coming!

H├ęctor said...

Yay! Metal Scanner FTW!

Brian said...

Very good stuff! Woke me up.

Stuart Marks said...

Keep up the metal! Some of this isn't really my style, but I'm all for the cause!

Mike said...

This mix is awesome. I appreciate how it introduces me to several artists I would never have looked for or know.

Also, just like what Stuart said, I like some of the the music but now all but that's what I like about mixes.

Please keep up the metal scanner.

wallie said...

Very nice. I even found a new band. Keep these coming \m/

Beef Queef said...

Great job Google, love the Google music player, and love these suggestions. The Unbearable Hand Fate dealt is a great metal band as well. is their site.

There are great metal bands out there not being heard at all, and this is a great way to get a audience on Google music.

Deron said...

Very nice to see a little Metal love Google :)

Jhonas said...

Refreshingly smart and currrent! \m/

Idiot Monkey Coder said...

TesseracT! I am impressed...very impressed

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