The Jim Jones Revue, “High Horse”

Rowdy, raunchy and full of X-rated insinuation, the firebrand snarl of Jim Jones seems like a natural progression for the front man of underground hard rock miscreants Thee Hypnotics. But just when you’re ready to write it off as better-than-average garage rock, Jones himself howls “This is how you ride!” and a shattering burst of piano evokes the tortured demons of Jerry Lee Lewis. It’s no easy feat for a U.K. outfit to call to mind “The Killer,” but the band’s hell-bent recycling of early rock ‘n’ roll also recalls the intrepid spirit of earlier generations of U.K. rebels who cited Southern bluesmen as influences: sometimes the most inspiring interpreters of American music benefit from their distant vantage across the pond. – Nate Cavalieri

"High Horse" Jim Jones Revue


Michael McIntyre said...

The ghost of Jerry Lee tinged with a little Horton Heat and some Jason and the Scorchers.....

dvl_music said...

Jim Jones Revue is known (and self-proclaimed) the loudest band in town. They even have a cute mobile app to help prove "Are You Louder Than the Jim Jones Revue?"

I finally got to see these Brits at SXSW 2011 and danced my ass off.

Favorite track: Princess and The Frog
...of course!

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