How to Invite a Friend

Did you know that you can invite up to eight friends to join Music Beta? Login with your Google account, and look for this message [image] on the orange header bar.

Share the love and help your friends rediscover their music collections again.

Please note that Music Beta is only available in the United States.


Anonymous said...

i love this program so much!
the other day it said i could invite 8 friends
now i don't see it in the orange bar? i have a few friends i want to invite please help
great app as well!!

Unique216 said...

I got a friend in Germany who say's that google music isn't open in Germany and needs an invite. I have never used any of the invites, but cannot access them either? Any insight wold be helpful, or if anyone has an extra please email me one so I can share the love. THNX

Ricardo Blanco said...

How can users help to make Google Music available outside the US?

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